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Melbourne VIC, Australia


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We offer range of services for our clients. Our services include Airport transfers, City tours, corporate traveling, group travelling etc. In addition to these people, also hire personal maxi cabs.

You can hire us For:

Home Pickup & Drop

We provide home pickup for the clients. Once we get the confirmation of the booking from the customer, we used to reach the pre-determined spot for on time pickups. We value the time of our customers. One just has to make a call or have to fill up an online form to book a maxi cab for own. You can have an assurance of complete trustworthy service at Quick Maxi Cab.

Group Travel

Quick Maxi Cab provides 5 to 11 seat maxi taxi which is perfect for group travel. One can book Quick Maxi Cab to pickup from a particular destination and can take a city tour of Melbourne, CBD or suburbs. You just have to click the website and fill up a form and we will reach to pick you up on time. Suppose in case you change your plan or have to cancel the booking, do not worry, we charge no cancellation fee.

Airport transfer Service

Quick Maxi Cab provides airport transfer to all the major airports in Melbourne that are Melbourne Airport, Avalon Airport, Essendon Airport and Moorabbin Airport. Just book an airport transfer to or from these airports just by making a call. However, if you know the time of the flight landing you can make an advance booking for the airport transfer service for the scheduled time.

City & Country Victoria tours

If you are thinking of taking a City & Country Victoria tours, Quick Maxi Cab will be the best option for that. We are having neat & clean maxi cabs those are perfect to set your date for city tours. 100% insured Cabs also ensure your safety. All the cabs are licensed Under VIC Govt. 24x7 maxi taxi service in Melbourne. Therefore, you can have an assurance of 100% trustworthy service at Quick Maxi Cab.

Corporate Travels

You can also hire Quick Maxi Cab for corporate booking. You can book a 5 to 11 seat maxi taxi for your corporate travelling. Do not wait anymore. If you used to go to the office in group, you can book a maxi cab for the same. Our maxi taxi will take you to your destination within the proper time. However, if you are going for a corporate party you can also book a Quick Maxi Cab.

Cabs for Event

We know that you might have a need of a cab for attending events like wedding, parties, family functions or sports. Quick Maxi Cab does provide you that. We know that going to a family occasion in-group is having some different fun. Keeping that thing to mind we provide the car which are having 5 to 11 seats. You just have to call on the numbers or have to book the cab from online.